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Zip Password Finder is a brute-force cracking tool for ZIP files
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Zip Password Finder is a brute-force cracking tool for ZIP files. The application is similar to RAR Password Finder. If it weren't because one can crack ZIP files and the other RAR files, I would say they are identical. In terms of functionality, it seems like RAR Password Finder is better equipped.

The task of cracking ZIP files is often more complicated than cracking RAR files. Without getting into a futile debate into which application offers better encryption, it is my experience that ZIP password crackers often have problems dealing with ZIP encryption algorithms. They often give you a disclaimer about how that task is not supported. This tool can only supposedly crack files that are not encrypted. It can only process files that are password-protected with the default password system.

The application allows you to specify a character set, which is by default Chars and Numbers. You can also add custom patterns for the text. A nice time-saving feature is the ability to set the length of a password. This is a double-edged sword though. If you don't know the password length and you set it wrong, you can miss the password altogether. On the other hand, when you do know or suspect how long a password is, you can save some time.

In my testing, I zipped a file and added password "dada" to it. I then set the character length to 4 characters and started the process. The application has now been stuck at the first password that it tried, "pkJH", for 15 minutes. The application might be trying other passwords, but I couldn't tell. I also don't see the "restore session" button that was present in RAR Password finder.

José Fernández
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  • It can supposedly carry out brute-force attacks to guess passwords


  • It hangs
  • It didn't work for me
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